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Posted by on Oct 30, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

The University of Michigan = Little Brother’s Big, Fat, Ugly Sister.

The University of Michigan = Little Brother’s Big, Fat, Ugly Sister.

It’s that time of year again when desperate U of M fans, after seeing the reality of their team’s fallibility on the field, begin grasping for the straws of yesteryear. Fitzgerald “Bobo” Toussaint has decided to pound one more nail into the coffin that is the past glory of The Wolverines, by taking away the last real scrap of credibility The University has, their supposed higher intellect.

It is one thing for people to believe you are dumb. It is another to open your mouth and prove it Mr. Fitz.

“We labeled them as a little brother. And, you know the little brother always want to prove themselves and try to beat up the big brother one day. I think they really take offense to that,” grunted Toussaint when asked about the UM-MSU rivalry.

You are dumb. That “one day” has been happening over and over again since the first Little Brother reference six years ago.

Not only have you proven that you are in fact dumb, you have solidified the notion that most, if not all UM players, their fans and palm greasers are delusional.

You have also brought to mind an image. A sad image. An image that, if we are the Little Brothers in this relationship, you, Michigan, are our Big, Fat, Ugly Sister. One that is 40 pounds overweight. One who wears hot pants and fishnets that makes their backside look like an overstuffed sausage casing. One that cakes on makeup and teases their hair into a voluminous rat’s nest while staring into the mirror and only seeing false beauty.

As we noted in an earlier post on… 

Since November 3, 2007, The University of Michigan has beaten Michigan State University once by a total of 2 points. This is a span of 6 years.

To put that in perspective, W was still The President, Dick Cheney was still scaring people on a daily basis, and no one had even heard of Lady Gaga.

One player, Mike Hart, had some interesting comments on that day in 2007. For the statisticians out there, here is the story of Mike Hart’s great accomplishments in the NFL after graduating from UofM. He rushed for a staggering 264 total yards over his 3-year Pro career.

Interviewed after the game in 2007, Mark Dantonio, MSU’s coach quoted a biblical proverb, “Pride Comes Before the Fall” when asked about The Wolverines. See his post game interview here :

A bit of advice from a former Offensive Tackle, Fitz. Your line is made up of mostly underclassmen who are already scared for their lives to go into East Lansing and face the nation’s #1 defense. Now, with your loose lips and Dumbness Illustrated, they will be lucky to make it out of Spartan Stadium with their jockstraps that Little Brother will be literally and figuratively wedging up their cracks for 60 minutes.

Look in the mirror Sis, it ain’t pretty, and it’s time to grow up.

Sparty On.


The University of Michigan = Little Brother’s Big, Fat, Ugly, Sister.

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